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The Four R’s of Volunteer Management; Recruitment, Recognition, Retention = Revenue
Nonprofits rely on volunteers but do you know if you are running an effective program?  In this fun and fast-paced program we will review of all aspects of an effective, dynamic and results-based volunteer program.  We will focus on committing your staff, Executive Director and even your volunteers themselves to your organization’s volunteer program, we will learn how to ensure that your volunteer program generates revenue for your organization and how to ensure that you are using volunteers throughout your organization.  If you have never taken a volunteer management course, this is the course to take.
During this session:
– Participants will learn how to ensure that they can recruit not only the volunteers they want but also the ones they need!
– Participants will learn the basics of volunteer recognition and why it is an essential element of your program.
– Participants will learn about volunteer management “dirty little secret” and how to overcome this.

Developing Volunteer Professional Boundaries
They say good fences, make good neighbors.  Well, good boundaries make for good volunteer programs!  As volunteers become more intrinsic in our organizations, it is critical to know how to maintain these boundaries to keep you out of the middle of friction between volunteers and staff.

Getting  Your Volunteer Groups Out of the Box!
Volunteer programs differ widely regarding utilizing groups of volunteers.  Some rely on groups to fulfill critical projects while others never use groups.  No matter which camp you are in, this session will show that utilizing groups of volunteers is critical to the success of your volunteer program.

Make a Wish – Getting Staff to Welcome New Volunteers
In every agency someone is resistant to using volunteers, yes even at your agency!  In this session, we will discuss how to hold an intervention for your staff to show them how volunteers could save them time, money and offer new services for your clients.

Managing Risks and Maximizing Quality in Your Volunteer Program
Unfortunately, volunteers do sue nonprofits.  They sue for harm, discrimination, even wrongful dismissal.  Rather than putting our head in the sand as volunteer coordinators we need to be proactive so should we find our organization in a lawsuit, we are in a better position to win that suit.  This session will also cover how to take your outcomes beyond just the value of a volunteer hour but really what is the value of your volunteer program, to your organization, clients, and the volunteer.

Recognition Event Planning: From 5 to 500 – on a Budget!
Contrary to public opinion, volunteers do get paid.  Volunteer recognition for their efforts, whether it be a fancy dinner or a simple thank you is how you can ensure that your organization not only retains your current volunteers but is also able to recruit new volunteers.  In this session, participants will learn how to develop a long term strategic volunteer recognition plan that meets the expectations of all your volunteers even with little to no budget.

In-house Volunteer Opportunity Assessments
Are you utilizing volunteers throughout your nonprofit?  Really?  This is not a program but rather we conduct a review of your volunteer program on site and discover new potential areas for volunteer engagement.

Volunteer/Staff Intervention
While many nonprofits may not need a full intervention, many at least need to develop better understanding of the role volunteers play in the organization.  This is an on-site workshop for your staff to help them better understand and utilize your current and potential volunteers.

Mary Beth is a great presenter and is very knowledgeable of the nonprofit sector. She has extensive background in volunteer management and speaks from real experiences. Her presentations are interactive, allowing participant to learn by doing. We plan to have Mary Beth provide several trainings for our organization.
Jo McMahan, United Way of Smith County

     I first met Mary Beth when we worked for the Dallas Public Library. Mary Beth was the manager of the library’s volunteer program. The program was expertly and professionally managed, and a great success.  I next met Mary Beth while she was the Director of Community Outreach for TANO. Mary Beth presented impressive leadership workshops and presentations at our state library association conferences. We were able to engage Mary Beth to present “The 4Rs of Volunteer Management” in a series of sessions in the Northeast Texas Library System. As always, Mary Beth delivered! She is cordial, friendly and professional — great to work with.                                                                                      Connie Moss, Assistant Director of Libraries at City of Garland, Nicholson Memorial Library System

We are able to customize and create programs to fit your specific needs.  Contact us for more details.  MBHarrington64@hotmail.com  972-839-9960

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