puzzle 6How to effectively market your nonprofit so that it stands out from the rest can be a puzzle.   However, by utilizing the correct tools, you can not only grow your donor base but save time as well!

Learn How to Use Social Media Marketing to Save Time and Grow Your Nonprofit Now!

Effective use of social media and email marketing are critical tools for every nonprofit no matter the size of the staff or budget.  If you think you do not have time for Twitter, FaceBook, or email marketing communications then chances are, your organization will not be around in ten years. Too often nonprofit leaders discount using these tools thinking they take too much time.  In this dynamic program, we bridge the electronics gap by showing you how to easily implement social media and email marketing strategies into your program.  Then we will discuss how to pair social media with your email marketing correspondence to build donors, establish relationships with grant funders and overall advocate more successfully for your organization


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