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Puzzled as to why your organization is stagnant?  We can help you find the answers!  By using our certified facilitation techniques we can help you conduct an organizational assessment to determine where to refocus energies, develop a strategic plan, set a timeline, and move forward.

The Core Capacity Assessment Tool (CCAT) Facilitation – The Core Capacity Assessment Tool (CCAT), is a 146-question online survey that measures a nonprofit organization’s effectiveness in relation to four core capacities—leadership, adaptability, management, and technical capacities—as well as organizational culture. Additionally, the tool helps organizations identify their lifecycle stage and provides a real-time findings report, a prioritized capacity-building plan, and the technology to generate self-selected benchmark reports from a national database of 2500+ nonprofits. The CCAT is the most comprehensive, valid, and reliable tool of its kind, and has been used by funders and nonprofits as a planning, capacity building, research, and evaluation tool.

As a CCAT certified facilitator, we help nonprofits use the CCAT to improve their capacity. Trained by TCC Group, we provide expert guidance in the administration and interpretation of CCAT results. Equipped with extensive experience and knowledge of the latest findings, our facilitationscan help your organization apply the CCAT’s specific capacity-building recommendations.

TopsToPs (Technology of Participation) Facilitation SessionsThe Technology of Participation (ToP)® teaches team members how to collaborate on projects and teaches group facilitators how to effectively lead their teams. ToP provides methods that:

  • Recognize and honor contributions of all
  • Let a group deal with more data in less time
  • Pool individual contributions into larger more informative patterns
  • Welcome diversity while minimizing polarization and conflict

There are three Tops Methods.  Our certified Tops Facilitators will work with you to determine which method(s) will be most impactful for your group.

1)      The Focused Conversation Method – This common sense approach leads naturally to a meaningful exchange of ideas.
– Conduct purposeful discussions
– Capture a group’s best thinking easily
– Surface new ideas and solutions
– Stimulate candid feedback

2)      The Consensus Workshop Method – This structured process is so engaging people are energized getting to consensus.
– Tap rational and intuitive thought processes
– Integrate diverse ideas
– Generate practical and creative solutions
– Develop group consensus

3)      The Action Planning Method – These practical steps help groups plan, organize resources and build commitment.
– Visualize a successful result
– Analyze the current reality
– Create a practical plan
– Maximize group involvement

Your Next Step – Contact us for a free 90 minute pro bono interview to determine which method is appropriate for your organization.  Interviews are done in person or via conference call.  Following the interview, we provide a proposal outlining all actions and fees (we never charge for preparation time).  No surprises!

Our on-site assessments are never “cookie cutter”.  Each assessment is developed specifically to meet the needs and outcomes for your organization. Following your assessment, your organization becomes our “client for life” which provides you with discounts to our other services as well as pro bono debriefings to ensure that your organization continues to move forward!


Mary Beth is engaging and engaged with her audience, truly anticipating the needs of her clients, bending over backwards to make her services fit client needs, while providing nonprofit expertise above compare.
 Amy Ledbetter Parham, Executive Director at Habitat for Humanity Texas

Mary Beth is an excellent presenter and facilitator who has helped Keep Texas Beautiful in many ways. She is skilled as a speaker, strategic planner and trainer for many skills needed in nonprofit management. Thank you, Mary Beth!
Cathie Gail, Executive Director at Keep Texas Beautiful

We are able to customize and create programs to fit your specific needs.  Contact us for more details.  972-839-9960

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